For many dogs, seeing other dogs on a walk is a strong emotional trigger for growling, barking, pulling & lunging on leash. If you dread going for walks with your dog, this is the class for you. The behavior modification curriculum focuses on dogs who struggle to remain calm in the presence of other dogs because they are worried or overstimulated. Together we will work on desensitization & counter conditioning, BAT and CAT protocols to help your dog learn how to be calm & collected when running into dog related scenarios. The best apart of this group class is that you will join other pet parents, supporting one another & building your skills as a team.

Through this class you will learn how to:

  • Anticipate a reaction coming & get out of a potential reactive situation with success
  • Help condition your dog to feel more comfortable in the presence of other dogs
  • Find low stress places to walk your dog
  • How to become the best advocate for your dog

Who is it for? Dogs who bark, growl/lunge at other dogs on leash

What do I need? Proof of current vaccinations including Distemper combo & Rabies

How Long does it run? 6 weeks – The first class is an orientation for handlers only – 50 min classes

Cost? $150

How do I sign up? Visit our scheduling site at under the “Behavior Modification” page and select “Reactive Rover” for available dates & times