Linda Randall
(DVM, Tag Teach Level 3)
Owner & Lead Instructor

Having trained dogs for behavior problems and competitively for over 30 years, I have a strong foundation in the science cognition and am able to work with all breeds. I have competed with my own dogs (Rottweilers, Flat-coated retrievers & Border collies) in obedience, agility & field trials.

In veterinary medicine, I have a passion for animal behavior and am knowledgeable about sporting dog injuries as well as treatment. I believe in the ethical and compassionate treatment of all animals and as a veterinarian I work towards low-stress, & minimal fear veterinary care.
I am a positive reinforcement trainer, working to instill joy and positive emotions into canine and human learners. Children and their dogs are very special to me and I truly enjoy working with them. I have had the pleasure of teaching kids from 3yrs old and up into their teens, when they are able to progress into adult classes.

Tara Gifford

My husband and I have 2 dogs, 2 horses, 3 cats and 2 children together.

I have been in the animal training field for 30 years and during this time, have worked with many different zoo species and continue to consult and pass on training skills to fellow colleagues.

This past year, I completed the Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT – KA) program in 2019. I have also continued to expand my knowledge base & experience with my personal labs as students in agility, rally, obedience, scent work & dock diving.

When training with clients, I take so much joy in helping people develop their relationship with their animals through positive reinforcement techniques and enrichment activities.

Monica Callahan

I have been a professional trainer since 2012. After graduating from the University Findlay in 2011 with a double major in Pre-Veterinary Medicine Biology and a minor in Chemistry, I decided to attend the Karen Pryor Academy. I currently share my home with 4 dogs, three Dalmations and a Windsprite.

I have competed in various dog sports such as conformation, rally, scent work and obedience.

In 2017, I was excited to be welcomed onto the Board of Directors for Alliance of Therapy Dogs, a therapy certifying a body of over 17,000 teams in the United States, Canada & Puerto Rico.

Pam Bonness
Agility Instructor

I have been involved in agility for over 10 years now and was hooked almost instantly. I love the bond that agility forms between a handler and their dog and as an instructor I try to encourage that relationship. I have competed in AKC (Placing in finals at both Nationals and Invitationals), CPE USDAA and ASCA. I currently train and compete with my Vizsla, Border Collie and an All American.

Viola Dyer
Agility Instructor

I have been doing agility with my own dogs for over 20 years and taught for 15 of those years. My agility teaching style is based on a combination of Linda Mecklenburg and Susan Garret.
I have also taught obedience, rally & fundamentals working with beginners through competition level.
I am excited to get started with One Smart Dog and continue my passion of teaching both handlers and their dogs to be successful!

Barb Dillon
AKC Fit Dog Instructor

I have been involved in the sport of dogs for over 30 years with my primary focus for the first 23 years being on confirmation. I am a licensed AKC judge as well as Junior Showmanship, which I thoroughly enjoy!

In 2013 Emmy, a Belgian Sheepdog, pranced into my family’s life and changed it forever! Initially, she was my son’s junior showmanship dog, but soon hooked me on many different performance venues with the most exciting being in agility. Our other furry family members include 2 more Belgian Sheepdogs named Macy & Skye. At One Smart Dog, I will be teaching agility beginner level classes as well as Conformation training and run thrus. I strongly believe in positive reinforcement training since it is so important for your dog to think that you and what goal your striving towards is the best thing EVER!!

Becky Tellalian
(CGC, AKC Trick Dog)

I am passionate about helping people and their dogs become confident & happy partners. I’ve spent my time since 1999 with my very first dog, observing and learning dog behavior, teaching my own dogs, fun and interactive tricks.

I have competed in several different venues, putting titles on my own dogs.

Soon after my dogs began earning their upper-level titles, I became a certified AKC trick dog instructor as well as completing certification through Do More with Your Dog Canine Conditioning and Fitness.

Leslie Garofalo
Agility Instructor

My dog training journey began in 1998 with my GSD, Corduroy when we attended a 6 week traditional class. Feeling uncomfortable with the training methods, I stopped going to the class immediately. From there, I happened upon a job to train service dogs & discovered positive reinforcement training! My desire to learn more about dog behavior awakened & I immersed myself in learning as much as possible by attending numerous training & behavior seminars.

Dog agility began for me in 2009 and I have competed in CPE, AKC, UKI and USDAA agility successfully. I really enjoy working towards goals & building strong relationships with my agility dogs; who are both golden retrievers named Sail & Shannon. My handling experience is based on several different techniques and styles with the belief that there is more than one point of view & you can learn something from everyone. I also believe foundation training is one of the most important steps in having a successful agility dog; for the simple fact that it makes everything else easier to train!

My goal at One Smart Dog for students is to minimize both you and your dog’s frustration by providing clear, communication & make agility training a fun & positive experience!