These walks are designed for students who have completed the Reactive rover 6-week course or have participated in private lessons with an instructor on reactivity training. Our training walks will focus on building confidence for both owners and dogs & aide in transferring the skills and techniques acquired in the classroom setting to real life scenarios at various locations.

Our goal for these training walks will be keeping the leash reactivity to a minimum with the knowledge and expertise of one on one instruction.

Who is it for? Students who have completed the 6-week Reactive Rover class course

What do I need? Proof of current vaccinations including Distemper combo & Rabies

How Long does it run? This class is a “drop in” structure where you are not committed to multiple weeks and can sign up as your schedule allows

Cost? $25/session

How do I sign up? Visit our scheduling site at under the “Behavior Modification” tab and select “Reactive Rover Walks” to see available dates & times